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I'm always fascinated with things labeled as "world's largest." I always want to know the "why" behind these items. Of course, there is always a valid reason these items are placed in their particular spots. My question is who do they call to place an order for these monstrous items.

World's Largest Bicyclist (Sparta, Wisconsin)

Apparently, Sparta is the bicycling capital of America included the first rails-to-trails conversion in the country. "Ben Bikin'" will explain this to you if you visit him.

Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame (Hayward, Wisconsin)

You'll find a building shaped like a fish in Hayward, Wisconsin. The fiberglass musky is a four-story building that has an observation deck in its mouth. No, I'm not kidding.

World's Largest Penny (Woodruff, Wisconsin)

The story behind this penny comes from a challenge for local school children to collect enough change to build a hospital and, thanks to word-of-mouth, they ended up collecting over a million dollars.

World's Largest Talking Loon (Mercer, Wisconsin)

Mercer has the "highest concentration of common loons in the world." The loon doesn't speak actual words, only loon noises. Bummer.

World's Largest "M" (Platteville, Wisconsin)

The letter M in Platteville is visible from 30 miles away. It was created by students of the old Wisconsin Mining School.

World's Largest Six-Pack (La Crosse, Wisconsin)

These actually hold beer as they are storage tanks. They hold over 7 million cans of beer.

Pinkie the Elephant (DeForest, Wisconsin)

This is not a "world's largest" anything, I just thought it's a cool photo-op You can find it by a gas station on Highway V near I-90/94.

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