If you're looking for something to do that can involve the whole family, there's a great spot not too far from Rockford.

Full disclosure, I'm a father of three. They range in ages 12 to 2, so it's difficult to find things we can all do. We all like movies, but taking a two-year-old to a movie is a dicey proposition.

What if the movie was outside, and you could watch it in your vehicle? The drive-in is there to save the day.

Small problem, there's none in Rockford and only three within realistic driving distance.

So we packed up the car and cruised down to Sterling, Illinois, roughly 60 or so miles from Rockford and spent Saturday night at the Midway Drive-In.

Tickets at the Midway are affordable and cheaper than movie theaters, and concessions, whoa. So much cheaper than movie houses. So cheap, everyone got what they wanted.

Midway seems to cater towards families too. They normally choose family-friendly movies that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Best part, a two-year-old at a movie theater could be a problem right, well, not so much at the drive-in. What little noise he made wasn't a big deal because he was in our car.

It also helps Incredibles 2 was playing on the big screen or maybe it was the M&Ms?

Either way, it was worth the trip. If you're like us and have kids that range in age and you're looking for that weekend night outing, think about the drive-in.

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