Sometimes you think summer is coming, and then it's not.

If they were going to rename the months I would offer up 'False Hope' for March.

We know it's like this every year, yet we still envision weeks of sunshine and bike riding. Then we take a quick lunch break and it snows two inches on our car while we're picking up a salad.

So you're thinking... why did it snow? Well here are five 'scientific' reasons it just had to happen.

(In case you're new to quotation marks... those mean I'm making up the reasons.

Because Taco Betty's is unveiling their new rooftop this weekend, and they were hoping for one fresh snow wash before Friday.

Because Julius Caesar once said 'Beware the Ides of March,' and he was right.

Because you forget to change your microwave clock yesterday.

Because Tom Hanks and George Clooney made long movies without a lot of talking and they didn't get nominated for an Oscar.

Because I wore a tank top outside on Saturday.

If it was the tank top thing, I really am sorry.

Here's to hoping we only have one more of these storms before May!

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