For a football team that has been mediocre to bad for the past decade, the Chicago Bears sure have a lot of patience.

While Mitchell Trubisky is almost assuredly done as a Chicago Bear, the team announced today they would retain General Manager Ryan Pace and Head Coach Matt Nagy for the 2021 football season.

Why? I have no idea. Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano stepped away from football yesterday so we know there will be at least one change to the staff, but what difference will it really make?

The General Manager struggles in the draft. Remember, Pace traded up to pick Trubisky while passing on DeShaun Watson & Patrick Mahomes.

Chicago Bears Introduce Matt Nagy
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The Head Coach, a supposed "quarterback whisperer" hasn't been able to get much out of Trubisky. Nagy wanted Foles too.

Chicago Bears v Arizona Cardinals
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As a Bears fan, I can live with "fun bad" football. The John Fox era was "fun bad." We knew they were going to lose, they had little chance to compete but watching Matt Barkley chuck the ball around was "fun bad."

These past two and half years of Bears football has been frustrating and boring. The offense is weak and the defense gives us little reason to get excited.

So now that we know Nagy and Pace are back for 2021, what can we expect? Unless a miracle occurs, probably more of the same.

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