If you know me, you know that I'm a fitness fanatic. I love picking up heavy things and putting them down, repeatedly. Zumba, step, boot camp, HIIT, cycling, you name it; I'm there.

But, CrossFit? I've considered it, but I'm not that hardcore; plus I hate doing pull-ups and snatches.  Now, let's say I'm throwing back a few at a sports bar and the Crossfit games just happen to be on TV, I'm glued the rest of the night.

CrossFit, while it's not for a lot of people, it's fascinating to watch. It reminds you that the human body is capable of doing some amazing things; and don't get me started on the physical results. CrossFit athletes are shredded. Talk about ab envy.

For anyone else who feels the same way, you're about to get the best news- you can stop envying those athletes from the comfort of your couch because for the first time the CrossFit games are coming to Madison for the very first time.

According to TMJ4, this is the first time in 10 years the games have left California and what's makes it even sweeter is that there's only one person from Wisconsin who will be competing.

The CrossFit games begin today.

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