A comeback is happening In Illinois for a former popular toy company.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, it is part of life, nothing lasts forever. Your favorite shows end at some point. Businesses close down. They stop making certain products. If it is something you really enjoy, of course, it is very disappointing. Eventually, you get over it and move on to the next thing.


Are You Ready For A Comeback

Sometimes you get lucky and your favorite movie franchise, band, or athlete will make a comeback. It makes you happy when that piece of your life returns. In the end, it might not work out but many times it comes back bigger and better. All I have to say is Michael Jordan.


Favorite Toys As A Kid

When I was a child, I really like playing with my toys like most kids. Some of my favorites were cars, trucks, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Tonka, and Nylint. They gave me hours of enjoyment. I even still have a few of them in my basement.


Legendary Toy Company In Rockford, Illinois

Did you know that there is a legendary toy company that has a history in Rockford, Illinois? It is Nylint Toys.

Credit Nylint Toys

According to nylinttoys.com

"Nylint was founded in 1937 in Rockford, Illinois, by Bernard Klint, brother Ragnar Klint and their uncle, David Nyberg. The company first produced kitchen utensils and later manufactured goods to support the military during World War II. In 1945, they changed course to toy production, focusing on steel-pressed trucks, construction vehicles, and other automobiles."


Credit Nylint Toys

Nylint Toys Is Making A Comeback

Like I was talking about earlier, Nylint Toys ran its course and shut down its operations. Now, there is good news. The family wants to bring it back.

Credit Nylint Toys

Emmy Klint's grandfather started the company many years ago. Even though everyone discouraged her from doing it, she has decided to re-launch the family business. She wanted her son and other children to experience these iconic products. It has been a lifelong dream to bring back the toys.

Credit Nylint Toys

Why The Comeback Of Nylint Toys

She really believes in their family business and the toys are among some of the best of all time. The goal is to bring joy to a new generation. The mission is to continue the family legacy and tradition.

Credit Nylint Toys

What a great story. For more information about Nylint Toys, HERE.

Video: Nylint Steel Toys - "Built to Last" (Commercial, 1983)

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