Back in 1993, when I moved to Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, I thought it was so cool that one of my favorite wrestlers was the mayor of the city; fast forward to 1999 and I thought it was even cooler that he became governor of my home state. (He was even a football coach at my high school, Champlin Park.)

Not a lot of people can say that a pro wrestler, let alone one of their favorites, ran their state; and I'll admit- that's probably why Jesse won. Minnesotans voted for the person, not the politician. Surprisingly, he didn't do too bad of a job.

That could give the state of Illinois some hope; maybe what this state needs is a rope-jumping, body-slamming bad a-- to come into the ring and clean house.

According to NBC Chicago, former pro wrestler, Jon “The Illustrious One” Stewart, plans on running for governor.

Wrestling fans might remember Stewart like this:

And he's still the same guy, just with a suit and tie on.

Stewart told the Chicago Tribune, "Politics is wrestling with suits and ties on. I'm comfortable on a mic, and I'm not afraid to tell the truth."

While Stewart has little experience in politics, he has run for political office in the past, has political ties to Kellyanne Conway and most importantly, he shares the same views as you and I do about the state of Illinois. He says, "people are disgusted with a political system that's left Illinois headed for bankruptcy and businesses fleeing the state."

So, what do you think? Would you vote for the "Illustrious One?"

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