Rockford is celebrating 75 years of Rockford Peaches history this weekend and today is the perfect day to meet a Peach.

Meet a few Peaches actually.

One actual former Rockford Peaches team member, two original bat girls, the President of the International Women's Baseball Center and one of the actresses that starred in, 'A League of Their Own.'

And it's all free!

From 11 this morning until 1 this afternoon you can visit the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau at 102 N. Main St. for 'Meet a Peach,' and meet all five of these amazing women and get their autographs.

According to the 'Meet a Peach' event, the five awesome women in attendance will be:

1) Dr. Kat Williams, President of the International Women's Baseball Center
2) Clara Hellemann, original Bat Girl
3) Charlene O’Brien, original Bat Girl
4) Helen ‘Sis’ Waddell, original Rockford Peach
5) Megan Cavanagh, actor who depicted Marla Hooch from the movie, “A League of Their Own”

I am super bummed I can't attend this autograph session, please let me know how much fun you have!

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