Fast and Furious? More like Fast and Hungry. Vin Diesel was hanging in Wisconsin yesterday grabbing a bite or two to eat.

While no one has been able to pinpoint exactly why actor Vin Diesel was in Hartford Wisconsin yesterday, it's still pretty cool that he was chilling in the Midwest.

According to FOX 6 MIlwaukee, Vin Diesel was in the Wisconsin town of Hartford yesterday afternoon outside the restaurant, 'Puebla's Kitchen' and then again at 'Scoop DeVille.'

From the photo submitted to FOX 6, it looks at if Vin Diesel was with a teenager.

The best part of the story? Apparently he ordered a sundae at 'Scoop DeVille' and took the dish home with him, according to JS Online.

The ice cream shop says he can keep the dish.

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