Do you think there's a reason this was only $1?

Sometimes right before you get your paycheck, you skip the $3 frozen dinners and head straight to the $1 section. What could go wrong?

Technically nothing went, "wrong," but nothing really went right either.

Frozen Find #15: Banquet Cheesy Rice & Chicken
“broccoli cheese sauce over rice and white meat chicken"

190 calories, 5g fat, 4g sugar, 27g carbs, 8g protein

  • Smell: It doesn't smell like anything.
  • Appearance: It's a little yellow, like everything mashed together to just be bright yellow.
  • Texture: This sauce is super watery. I'll eat it, but you wouldn't want to serve this to a friend.
  • Size: For $1 this is huge!
  • Deliciousness: 5/10, I would eat it because I'm unsophisticated. But regular people might not want this one for lunch...

Love it or Leave it? Leave it.

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