When your intern brings a Lean Cuisine to work for lunch, of course you have to invite her to guest host Frozen Finds.

Our intern Briana has been helping us with some boring intern tasks, so we thought it was the perfect time to have her help us with some fun stuff, especially after she brought a frozen dinner for lunch.

Frozen Find #11: Lean Cuisine Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry
“tender white meat chicken, snap peas, carrots, water chestnuts, pineapple & long grain rice in a teriyaki sauce"

270 calories, 2g fat, 13g sugar, 48g carbs, 14g protein

  • Smell: The Teriyaki smell is definitely strong, but not in a bad why.
  • Appearance: This actually looks like a full meal.
  • Texture: How can you screw up rice?
  • Size: Not bad at all for lunch.
  • Deliciousness: Briana says... it's a winner! 8/10.

Love it or Leave it? Love it!