Apparently doing big business on the TV movie side isn't helping Hallmark's actual stores.

They probably aren't run under the same umbrella, but you have to think they'd be able to keep a few stores afloat that aren't earning like they used. But that doesn't appear to be the case.

The news yesterday that Hallmark closing locations across the US was a big surprise to customers but not to shop owners.

Rich Schauer, who is closing his Hallmark store in Forest Park, Illinois, said social media is crushing the card business.

Blaming Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the greeting card business going down the tubes sounds convenient.

A Tulsa, Oklahoma Hallmark shop owner mentioned online sales as the reason for his store's demise.

Whether it be social media or online retail giants like Amazon as the reason for Hallmark's slow decline, stores are closing.

The Rockford Hallmark, 269 Deane Drive, will remain open but Hallmark at 2451 Sycamore Road in Dekalb, and 7443 Madison Street, Forest Park will close.

You have to wonder how much longer Rockford and the rest of the Hallmark stores across the country have left before they shutter as well.

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