A travel blogger who was very critical of Rockford a few months ago may have changed his mind regarding the Forest City.

Why? Stroll on State. The annual weekend after Thanksgiving event highlighting Rockford small business and our official countdown to Christmas seems to be the reason.

Apparently, that's all it took for Travel Weekly's Arnie Weissmann to change his mind. In May, Weissman took issue with legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola plan to bring two "Family Coppola Hideaways" to Rockford.

Weissmann said he "never regarded the town (Rockford) as much more than a perfect example of a Rust Belt city in decline" and  "couldn't get over Rockford being his next destination." Wow dude, harsh.

Well, after his Stroll on State trip Weissman did a complete 180, saying "Rockford, I apologize" and " I'm looking forward to a possible hotel opening."

It's amazing what the holidays will do to someone's spirit. Weissmann, on behalf of all Rockford folk, we accept your apology. One more thing, you now can tell all your friends you "visited Rockford before it was cool."

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