I'm not a haunted house fan. Don't believe me? Fine, I'll prove it.

Anyways. For those haunted house fanatics, options are pretty far and few this year. However, places are getting creative during the pandemic to make sure they can still get their scare on. The latest trend? Haunted house carwashes. Because why not?

That's the Rainforest Car Wash in Medina Ohio, and they've actually been doing haunted house car washes since before it was cool to do things drive-thru style. The first time happened last year, and obviously 2020 is the perfect scenario to do it again.

Here's what the car washes Facebook page details -

Spoiler alert, it's going to be a bit of a road trip if you want to go. Medina is about 6&1/2 hours from Rockford. So that's why we need our very own here in Rockford. The one in Medina isn't the only one of its kind. Here's another that's happening in Belmont, NC -

And another happening in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

We NEED one in Rockford!

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