From the mid-1800s until 2002, the Joliet Correctional Center was in operation. While this video is haunting to watch, you've seen it before in a very funny movie.

The Joliet CC can be seen in the opening of Blue Brothers when Jake is released from prison.

Built by inmates, the Joliet Correctional Center was probably considered for the movie because of all the beautiful limestone used. The prison's place in history was sealed long before John Belushi was released. In 1872 they were 1,239 inmates, which was a record of prisoners at that time in one prison.

Due to budget cuts and that the building was just too old to be used, it was closed in 2002. There has been talk about offering tours of the prison, but as of now, there aren't any. Let this collection of pictures be your tour of the beautifully haunting Joliet Correctional Center.

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