Now is the most important time to be aware of this serious winter weather health warning. The 'perfect storm' for a heart attack is here.

Winter Storm Warning

This might be the single greatest piece of health news ever. I'm over 45 and my kids need to pay attention as I am now done doing this task for good after the warning I'm about to share with you.

Every year, thousands of people get injured and dozens die while doing this.

What Men and Women of Illinois Over Age 45 Should Stop Doing Now

No more soft tissue injuries.

No more pulled muscles.

No more lower-back strain.

No more heart attack triggering.

Pay close attention to this warning from the medical experts.

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Wintery picture of a very cold man with a XMAS vibe

People Over the Age of 45 Should Not Shovel Snow

Yes, this recommendation from health experts is not just about men, women over the age of 45 shouldn't be shoveling either.

All of the motion required to remove snow from the driveway creates a "perfect storm" for heart attacks.

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Cold temperatures can raise blood pressure and constrict coronary arteries, and with the intense exertion of shoveling – especially wet, heavy snow – it can be a deadly combination for an age group widely known to have heart trouble.


Hey kids, Mom and Dad don't want to die of a heart attack in the driveway, so it's on y'all to move it.

And while we're on the subject of clearing this driveway, I won't be pushing the big red snow blower either.

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Here's to all my grown friends on relinquishing one of the most hated winter tasks.

Weston Loving
Weston Loving

To my children:  I'll be inside waiting with hot chocolate and a laundry basket for all your snow clothes. After you finish that hot cocoa, I'll show you how to do laundry. Apparently, doing laundry is also hazardous to people 45 years of age.

Should your children need any more proof of why you're not shoveling snow...

Teen cleans the snow shovel . Snow cleaning in the yard
Aliaksandr Bahdanovich

You'll find all the details about this important health warning HERE.

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