Christmas is in 37 days which is the perfect time to start letting Santa know what your kids want for Christmas.

I mean, 37 days is not a lot of time for those elves to get to work!

The best way to let Santa know what you're hoping for, of course, is to send him a letter.

And this year, you can make sure your kids also get a letter back from Santa.

Mom and Day you have to do your part too, of course. According to WSFA 12 News in Alabama, here's what you need to do:

When alone, open the envelope and write a response to the child (Santa can’t do ALL the work). After it’s written, slip the response letter into an envelope and address it to the child and add the return address – SANTA, NORTH POLE – to the envelope. Don’t forget a stamp! Put both letters in a larger envelope and send it off to: North Pole Postmark, Postmaster, 4141 Postmark Drive, Anchorage, AK 99530-9998. Santa’s helpers will take care of the rest.

You only have 25 days to do so, December 13 is the cut out - get to it!

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