Or at least grab some cow ears from a costume before you walk out the door to go to work.

Free food is always better than food you have to pay for, am I right?

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A, which means you can get some free breakfast, lunch or dinner at the low price of nothing, as long as you wear something cow-ish.

There have been some changes to the Cow Appreciation Day rules this year, but don't worry, I've got them right here for you, thanks to the Chick-fil-A website

  • The event takes place Tuesday, July 12 from open until 7p.m.
  • Anyone wearing any cow-like items will be allowed a free entree.
  • You can pick from these items:
    • Breakfast - Chicken Biscuit
    • Breakfast - Spicy Chicken Biscuit
    • Breakfast - Sausage Biscuit
    • Breakfast - Chick-n-Minis
    • Breakfast - Chicken or Sausage Breakfast Burrito
    • Breakfast - Chicken or Sausage, Egg and Cheese Bagel
    • Breakfast - Bacon or Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit
    • Breakfast - Multigrain Oatmeal
    • Breakfast - Greek Yogurt Parfait
    • Breakfast - Cinnamon Cluster
    • Lunch/Dinner - Chicken Sandwich
    • Lunch/Dinner - Chicken Deluxe Sandwich
    • Lunch/Dinner - Spicy Chicken Sandwich
    • Lunch/Dinner - Grilled Chicken Sandwich
    • Lunch/Dinner - Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich
    • Lunch/Dinner - Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap
    • Lunch/Dinner - Nuggets
    • Lunch/Dinner - Grilled Nuggets
    • Lunch/Dinner - Chicken Salad Sandwich
    • Lunch/Dinner - Chick-n-Strips
    • Lunch/Dinner - Cobb Salad
    • Lunch/Dinner - Spicy Southwest Salad
    • Lunch/Dinner - Small Ice Coffee, Small Frosted Coffee, Small Frosted Lemonade
    • Chick-n-Strips Kid's Meal
    • Nuggets Kid's Meal
    • Grilled Nuggets Kid's Meal