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On September 24th the Rockford Police Department and Rockford Fire Department are going to flex their muscles, and raise money for local Childhood Cancer families.

The "HeroChallenge" will test the strength of these two first responder groups, for a great cause. Police and fire will pull a fire truck, and see which of these great organizations has the muscle! This is a timed event, who are you going with?

Here are the details.

  • When: September 24th 5pm-6pm
  • Where: Lino's
  • Who: RPD vs RFD
  • Why: Raise money for local Childhood Cancer families (figure out who is stronger) 

So are you going with Rockford Police or Rockford Fire on this? Click on the one you are "pulling" for and make a donation. The money stays local for local Childhood Cancer families that need our help. For more details CLICK HERE.

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