You think you've seen everything downtown Rockford has to offer, but have you been to 'The Underground?'

Over the weekend my niece came to hang out with me for a few days. Friday during City Market we decided to do a ton of shopping down E. State Street.

If you've ever spent time with a 14-year old fashionista in training you know that's a LOT of time shopping!

There are so many great local shops in the downtown area, but we came across a spot I'd never heard of before.

There was a sign that said, 'Art Gallery Inside,' so we went in and down the stairs to discover 'The Underground.'

A man was there working on a painting and talked to my niece about how he makes a living painting different canvas paintings for special events and he invited us in to see the space.

I was floored, there was literally a secret little bar and event venue down there!


Not that I know everywhere in Rockford but I thought I knew most of the event spaces.

I was super impressed with the backs of the chairs, each painted with a Rockford scene.

Have you heard of this place before?

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