Crust & Crumbles has never failed to whip up delicious pastries at their Madison Street bakery in downtown Rockford.  Their newest fall pastry is flaky, fresh, and loaded with local love.

Living in downtown Rockford has its perks.

Despite fireworks poppin' off majority of the year along the river, the food joints downtown are pretty fire - like Crust & Crumbles artisan bakery.


If you're looking for some sweet treats that are made fresh DAILY you definitely need to make your way over to this popular downtown bakery.

Crust & Crumbles posted to social media revealing their new fall menu pastry:

A Pumpkin Cream Cruffin.

What is a cruffin?

"a cross between a croissant & a muffin. Made with puff pastry OR crescent roll dough & coated in cinnamon & sugar." - kleinworthco

For just $4.75, you can stuff your face with this sugary, flaky dessert.

I just realized I have a Crust & Crumbles gift card in my wallet.  Is that a sign that I need to make a stop to pick up a pumpkin cream cruffin? Absolutely.

They have different flavors inside cruffins, too.  Depending on the day, they favorites like vanilla, peanut butter, and some even Oreo filled!

Sometimes it's hard to choose.  I always end up leaving with a few different pastries for myself because the decision making is just too difficult.

When I worked downtown I loved getting all my coworkers some treats to start our morning off right!  Their loaves of bread are super popular, too.

Crust & Crumbles' other pastries range from vegan options to sweet pastries; Mixed Berry, Blueberry Streusel, Peaches & Cream, Apple Pie w/ Streusel, White Chocolate Raspberry...

To savory-style pastries like Ham & Swiss, Blue Cheese Pear, Rosemary Potato.

These are great if you're looking for a small breakfast before work.  Freshly made, scrumptious, and everything your taste buds desire!

Now that I got you all hungry, take your lunch hour and go try the new Pumpkin Cream Cruffin at Crust & Crumbles when you get a chance!  The bakeshop is so cute and really inviting.  You won't regret trying their delectable treats. Crust & Crumbles is located at 116 N. Madison St. Rockford.

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