This was me on this day last year -

Safe to say I get a little too excited during the holidays when I make a Starbucks run. And tomorrow it's all going to happen again. The free holiday cup launches tomorrow morning (Nov. 7). So how do you get it? Bustle details -

To get one for free, all you have to do is show up at a participating Starbucks in the United States or Canada on Nov. 7 and order one of the five holiday drinks available this year. When you do so, a reusable cup will be bestowed upon you — or at least, it will for as long as supplies last. Should you be fortunate enough to nab one this year, you’ll also get a discount when you bring it back, too — same as last year. Returning to Starbucks with your 2019 reusable red cup will entitle you to 50 cents off Grande size holiday beverages after 2 p.m. every day between Nov. 7, 2019 and Jan. 7, 2020.

The cup is SO adorable, last year's was pretty plain. But I still use it daily, so I'm REALLY excited for this year's. I'll see you in the drive-thru line tomorrow.

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