Well, we survived Black Friday, and now the Cyber Monday deals are in full force. You might think that Tuesday is our day of freedom. No more emails about deals, or videos going viral of people fighting over a sweater. But some companies are keeping the joy of saving going all week long. If you're over the madness, we get it, but hear us out... 50% off of pizza.

Now that we've got you attention, listen to the Cyber Monday deal you'll actually want to take advantage of. According to Bustle -

The 50 percent off sale applies to all menu priced pizzas (so, not in addition to other deals) and runs from Monday, November 26 to Sunday, December 2. Also, the "cyber" part of this is that the sale doesn't apply to pizzas ordered in-store. To get half-off, orders can be placed for delivery or pickup via the Domino's site, through their app, or through Domino's AnyWare using Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa, or Google Home.

Just in time for a snow day! Be sure to order correctly in order to receive the deal.  Pizza and sledding tonight anyone? Full details can be found here.

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