If you've spent most of the month sneezing, you might be wondering, are you sick or is it allergies?

About a month ago I swear I was sick. My throat wouldn't stop itching no matter what medicine I took. I kept sneezing, my eyes were watering and I had a headache.

My mom told me to get a strep test, but I was convinced I didn't need one. Thankfully, I was right because my allergies are juts giving me the worst month ever, I'm not really sick.

How do you actually know the difference? It can be really difficult to decide sometimes, but WebMD has a few tips to help you sort your sneezes.

The most important factor is the length of the symptoms. According to WebMD, a cold rarely lasts over two weeks, but allergies can last months.

Also, with allergies you don't have a fever, but if you're sick you can easily register a temperature. Those are two big details to look at when deciding if you're sick or if it's allergies, and visiting their website, or a doctor, can also help you figure out what you need to take or do to feel better.