AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!  I don't think you're supposed to be excited for a wake, but this might be the one exception.  Wrigleyville's Taco Bell deserves to be a Chicago monument or something important like that.  It's (in my opinion) the next best thing to the infamous Wrigleyville McDonald's (R.I.P to the OG).

Well, thankfully, Chicago's Nisei Lounge had the brilliant idea of making sure this Taco Bell was celebrated and mourned correctly and with a bang.  So on October 28th the bar is throwing T-Bell a wake!   Block Club Chicago said -

The bar will have drink specials and, if the Taco Bell is still open, it’ll serve up authentic Taco Bell grub.  Attendees will share their stories about the restaurant and “toast it in all its refried-bean-and-beer-absorbing glory one last time,”

The Taco Bell location will be demolished starting Nov. 1 and replaced with a multi-story retail building. Details for the fiesta... I mean 'wake', can be found on the event's Facebook page.  The about section includes useful info. such as -

Bring your best Wrigleyville Taco Bell stories in on October 28th from 3-7pm and let's toast it in all it's refried bean & beer absorbing glory one last time.

RSVP appreciated so we have enough bartenders, beer, and kleenex available for the wake!

Sounds like a night filled with emotional stories involving tacos and a whole lot of alcohol... see you there!

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