When I was in my early 20s, single and raising a son, my mom thought I needed a husband; stat. She went out of her way to create at least two or three personal ads on dating websites for me, without my knowledge. It wasn't until I started seeing emails from Match.com and Eharmony fill up on my inbox. I was mortified.

Well my mom and this dad from Wheaton, Illinois, should get together and go bowling.  This dad posted a "help wanted" ad, not a personal ad, but an ad for a job (A JOB); looking for a son-in-law for his daughter who's still a virgin.

Unlike me, this daughter laughed off the whole thing; saying, "At least it's appropriate they placed it in the Employment Opportunities section because putting up with this father-in-law’s shenanigans is a full time job, without any paid vacation."

I wonder if she's gotten any responses?




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