Nobody likes to get the call their loved ones were in critical condition from a head-on collision because someone else was distracted at the wheel.

A few years ago, I was driving, somehow started daydreaming and almost crashed into a ton of vehicles stopped at a red light.  One of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

This happened in Illinois, one of the top 10 deadliest states for distracted driving in America.


Illinois Ranked #8 Deadliest State In America For Distracted Driving

From texting at the wheel, to quickly checking your GPS, to drinking and eating, they're all different forms of distracted driving that can cause serious accidents.

According to Money Geek, 322 deaths were accounted for between 2019-2020 because of distracted driving alone.  That can totally be prevented!


Despite laws that prohibit drivers from using their cell phones while behind the wheel, it still happens.  I see tons of people at red lights scrolling through Facebook or responding to a text message.

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No text, phone call, or even lighting a cigarette are important enough to put multiple lives at risk.

On top of that,

"finding affordable car insurance after an accident can be difficult and may mean paying up to $400 more per year for coverage." [Money Geek]

Nobody wants to have to deal with the troubles of working everything out with insurance, I sure don't.

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Distracted driving is a serious problem in Illinois, leading to thousands of accidents and fatalities each year.  Please stay safe and aware on the roads, it's not that hard!

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