You will struggle to find someone who doesn't agree with that headline statement. People are driving some distance to get an order of these chicken fingers.

Just this week, on The Steve Shannon Show, we asked what businesses you'd love to see come to Rockford. We posted the question on Facebook and hundreds of votes later, and after all the counting, there was a clear 'winner'.

The business we most want to see in town is the Cheesecake Factory. The difference in the number of votes between the top spot and number two was staggering. Something pretty exciting came from our on-air conversation about the Top 5 Businesses Rockford Peeps Want More Than Any Other, someone told us that there was a combination ice cream shop and Mexican restaurant in Rockford that serves Cheesecake Factory slices and whole cakes. If cheesecake is now all you can think about, you should probably dip and get the full story HERE.

When the Facebook comments started including fast food joints, that's when we started seeing many people rave about the chicken fingers at Raising Cane's. There's definitely something different and special going on here.

Just look at this basket of food. My mouth just started watering up real quick. Those crispy fingers. Yes, please on the Texas toast. Plus, your meal isn't complete at Raising Cane's without some crinkle-cut fries and some creamy coleslaw.

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

The entire back of your head might blow off when you taste the Cane's sauce. The two men who started Cane's in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Todd Graves, and Craig Silvey, made sure their sauce represented some of that southern tanginess. People rave about how good the chicken fingers tast without anything on them at all. I hear the chicken sits in a marinade for around 24 hours before being fried up to serve.

Raising Cane's Facebook
Raising Cane's Facebook
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One thing you'll notice pretty quickly when looking over their menu, they don't serve anything other than chicken fingers, fries, texas toast, and slaw. That's a good thing, to me.

Alright, time to share your thoughts. if you've had this chicken, what do you love about the place the most?

Raising Cane's Facebook
Raising Cane's Facebook

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