Illinois makes a nationwide list again. And again, it's upsetting. Ranch, BBQ sauce, ketchup or mayo all would've been great, but this is ridiculous.

I'm looking for whom to blame for this poor representation of Illinois, if it's you, shame on you. Let's start with the group that put this survey together and that would be product ratings platform Influenster. They spent a lot of time going through over 50,000 product reviews on their site to find the most-mentioned condiments for each state. Not only did they calculate the number of mentions, they also calculated the overall ratings.

Here comes the big Illinois reveal. According to Influenster's product rating website, Illinois' favorite condiment is....

Illinois' Favorite Condiment Isn't Even a Condiment at All

County Crock margarine! What the...? First, when did margarine become a condiment? I had to go look up the exact definition of the word 'condiment' in order to make sure I'm not just being dumb and margarine really is a condiment. It was nice to find out I'm not entirely dumb. Condiment is defined as a substance, such as salt, that you add to food to improve its taste. Margarine would be something you add to food to ALTER its taste... I'm not so sure about IMPROVE.

See all of Influenster's (mostly) delicious findings by clicking HERE.

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