What makes you feel relaxed? For me, not having to worry about much is what will always make me feel relaxed. Letting go of what I can't control.

If not worrying about your health is what makes you feel relaxed, the covid pandemic has done nothing to help. So maybe we should start somewhere else when answering the question of what makes us feel relaxed.

Does it make you feel relaxed when you get all your bills paid and you still have a little money left over? If you're a parent, knowing your kids are safe is very relaxing.

A day off of work is a pretty surefire way to bring on the relaxation. A day in the sun, in the pool, sipping on something delicious, is relaxing for sure.

One city in Illinois just became one of the 10 Most Relaxed Cities in America, for many of the reasons that I mentioned above, and about 50 more.

LawnStarter.com based their findings on 57 criteria divided into over a half-dozen categories, including things like:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Financial health
  • Work environment
  • Physical environment
  • Social environment
  • Entertainment

Naperville, Illinois came in at #6 on the most-relaxed cities list. When you look at the rest of the top ten, Naperville seems an odd choice, given the other cities are coastal and mountainous. Flat and inland just doesn't compare to beaches and gorgeous mountains. But, that's the thing about feeling relaxed... everyone loves something different.

The Top 10 Most Relaxed Cities

10. Honolulu, Hawaii
9. Fullerton, California
8. Fort Collins, Colorado
7. Garden Grove, California
6. Naperville, Illinois
5. Seattle, Washington
4. Bellevue, Washington
3. San Francisco, California
2. Arlington, Virginia
1. Sunnyvale, California

Our northern neighbors in Madison, Wisconsin came in at #13

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