Remember that tag line from the movie, Jaws? "Just when you thought it was safe to back in the water?" Well, if you like these Illinois beaches you might think again.

That's because a new report dropped highlighting (or lowlighting) some of the dirtiest beaches in America, and hoo boy, Chicago has some grimy bacteria filled water.

In Chicago, 19 of 19 beaches sampled had at least one day last year when beaches were considered potentially unsafe for swimming. One, South Shore Beach, showed contamination on 93 of the 98 days in which samples were taken.

Oh dear. I'll just catch a tan instead of whatever disease you can get by going in the water at any Chicago beach.

It's just as bad north of us in Rockford as Wisconsin beaches are almost equally gross.

Cupertino Park near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was unacceptable on 40 of out 60 samples.

Cupertino Park beach is by far the worst of all Wisconsin beaches, but the list of beaches in Chicago are some of the worst in the country.

USA Today picked the five worst and the results are staggering.

South Shore Beach in Cook County (Chicago) had 93 unsafe days for swimming last year followed by 63rd Street Beach with 91, then Foster Avenue Beach with 90. The other two are Calumet South Beach and Rogers Avenue Park Beach both with 89 days of unsafe swimming. Just so you know, this is out of 98 days measured for the study.

South Shore Beach is actually the dirtiest beach in the US according to the results shared by Environment America.

Wondering what makes the beaches so dirty? Poop.

Fecal contamination makes beaches unsafe for swimming. Human contact with contaminated water, indicated by bacteria testing can result in gastrointestinal illness as well as respiratory disease, ear, and eye infections and skin rash.

Ew. Long story short, if you don't have a pool in your own backyard, don't go in the water. Then again, maybe just avoid water altogether.

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