A $45 billion public works plan is going to need funding. Thankfully the state knows most of us to need vehicles so we'll gladly help out.

Regardless of the cost, we're going to pay for driver's registration fees.

It's a good thing too. Because those tiny stickers you have to put in the upper right-hand corner of your license plate are going to get 50% more expensive.

To support transportation-related projects, the bill increases license plate fees by $50 to $151 annually, starting with the 2020 registration year.

The fees to drive an electric car will also put a charge into your wallet in 2020. What used to be only a $35 registration fee for two years in Illinois will now skyrocket to $248 for only one year.

That's not all, Chicago Tribune outlined all of the tax hikes coming to the Land of Lincoln including gas, smoking, vaping, parking, and online purchases.

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