It's been a while since we've gotten reminders in the mail. With no state budget, came the end of those. They could be returning to your mailbox.

Did You Forget to Buy Your Vehicle Renewal Sticker on Time?

When word came that we wouldn't be getting the vehicle renewal notices in the mail anymore, I remember wondering if it would turn into a different kind of government cash grab. Most of us will forget to renew and then we'll all get pulled over and ticketed for having an expired sticker. I was glad to see, at least with the few friends that got pulled over, officers were just telling them to go get a new one and no ticket was issued. Like I said, that was only in the few instances I was close to.

According to a story at, the renewal notices are coming back. But that doesn't mean our state has a balanced budget that includes mailing those notices out. The House just passed a bill that would allow the Secretary of State's office to sell ad space on this notices. The bill is now on its way to the Senate.

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