Eleven years ago, Kelli Ritschel suffered a loss that most of us can't imagine, her son Nik was taken from her by cancer. 

The night before that tragic day, Kelli's son asked her to do something for him, to do what she could to help kids suffering in the hospital like he was, but those that were too old for the Make-a-Wish program.

Nik had received a wish because he was under 18 when he was sick, but the minute you turn 18 you're no longer able to be get a wish.

That's where Kelli stepped in creating the Nikolas Ritschel Foundation, named for her son, fulfilling that wish he had before he passed away.

In the last eleven years, Kelli and her team have granted over 200 wishes to young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 and she is well on her way to granting even more wishes with all of our help.

Every October we all get to participate in the Nikolas Ritschel Foundation's biggest fundraiser, 'Nik's Home Run,' and this year it's happening Saturday October 8 in Loves Park at the Rockford Rivets stadium.

Yes it's a run and a walk to commemorate the rounds of chemo Nik went through, but it's also a celebration of all of the wishes that have been granted and those that Kelli and company will continue to grant with the money raised from the event.

Kelli has so much in store for all of us next month including some incredible items up for grabs at Grammy's Auction.

You can sign up to run, walk or just donate on the Nik's Home Run & Walk website. 

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