When you think iconic Illinois food, Chicago cuisine is first. But, if thoughts of hot dogs and deep dish pizza entered your mind, you would be wrong.

I really can't see past all that deep dish cheese, those onions and mustard on that Chicago dog. Now, I'm sitting at Wrigley Field with both and I have some Garrett's popcorn on the ground between my feet. Those are the things that come to MY mind when I'm thinking about Illinois' Most Iconic Foods.

When I clicked, The Most Iconic Food From Every State from TheDailyMeal.com, I couldn't believe that they said the most iconic food in Illinois was...

A pumpkin

Illinois' Most Iconic Food Is Not What You'd Think, But So Fall


Does everything that comes out between late August and Halloween have to be 'pumpkin'?

Daily Meal had this to say about how they made their choices:

To determine the most iconic food in every state, we looked at regional specialties and official state foods. When a state had neither, we considered the output and culture of that state.

A quick look at Illinois' state edibles, I found this:

  • State Snack Food - Popcorn
  • State Fruit - GoldRush Apple
  • State Vegetable - Sweet Corn
  • State Grain - Corn
  • State Pie - Pumpkin Pie

Popcorn comes up long before the big orange gourd. And, when someone from outside Illinois comes for a visit, what do you always hear?

"Let's go get some Chicago dogs!"


"Where's the closest Lou Malnati's Pizza?"

Pumpkins?!?! What the...

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