Valentine's Day is this weekend and if you haven't prepared something for that special someone, there's a good chance you started your search by hopping on Google.

If you've been coupled for a while, finding a "special" Valentine's Day gift or coming up with something wholly original could be a challenge.

That's where you end up searching the internet for ideas, but based on what I'm seeing from, we need to spend more time coming up with something better.

Coupon Lawn tried to find Valentine's Day Gifts Each State Googles More Frequently Than Other States.

Because of human procrastinating nature, most resolve for last-minute ideas from the internet. While some search for romantic getaways, others opt for tandem bicycle gifts, couples massage, and many other interesting options.

The results show Illinoisans have been going with the most traditional of Valentine's Day gifts.

Wisconsin residents are hoping to make Valentine's Day amazing by introducing a puppy into the relationship. Sounds dicey to me, but Wisconsin isn't the only state searching for puppies on Valentine's Day.

Some of the searches are laugh out loud hilarious. Arkansas' top search is "Couple Tattoos" Wyoming's is "Sex Toys" while Louisiana folks are searching for "Plus Size Lingerie."

I did get a good chuckle out of those choices, but they are certainly more inventive than Illinois' top pick, chocolate. Chocolate? Just handing someone chocolate on Valentine's Day has to be one of the most boring gifts ever.

What do you think makes a perfect Valentine's Day? Does it have to include a gift? Tell us!

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