If there is one thing Illinoisans can say about their state that our southern friends can't it's the always-changing weather.

I'm sure this applies elsewhere in the midwest and other parts of the country but it seems like seasons can change in an instant. One day it's sunny and 75, the next is 37 and gloomy. The month of March was like that here in the Land of Lincoln. Now, as we're waist-high in April, Rockford meteorologists are talking about Winter Pt.3. I can't be alone in wishing I was on a beach in the middle of the ocean with an ice-cold drink in hand right? Instead, my apartment is freezing (because I stupidly turned off the heat for the season and refusing to turn it on) and it's freezing when I wake up before the sun is up and heading to work. Why do I feel like seasonal depression is going to punch me right in the gut this week? Thankfully, Joliet Police Department shared a great weather-related meme, as well as friendly "winter weather" driving reminders.

In retrospect, if this in the weather we must endure one more time before the hot and humid summer temps, I guess I'll take it. If anything else, at least our winter-ish clothing will get one more round of us since many of up haven't put them away yet.

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