The study states at the very beginning; "Safety is a basic human need." Safe from natural disasters to crime. See what state(s) met our needs and which failed.

The latest WalletHub survey, 2019's Safest States In America, used over 50 different factors to compile the list. They put those factors into 5 different categories.

Personal & Residential Safety (Total points-40)

Financial Safety (Total points-15)

Road Safety (Total points-15)

Workplace Safety (Total points-15)

Emergency Preparedness (Total points-15)

See the complete methodology here.

Illinoisans will not be pleased (nor surprised) to see the Land of Lincoln finished in the bottom half of the survey. Illinois was #32 on the list of safest states in America.

According to this survey, Minnesota is the safest state. The least safest state in America honor goes to Mississippi.

For the complete 'Safest State' survey, click here.

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