If you've been wondering when to start the ball rolling to move out of Illinois, here's a good reason to not move too far away.

The goal for Wallet Hubs study was to identify which states had the most opportunities for working moms.

The study authors used nearly 20 different metrics across three main categories including child care, professional opportunities and work-life balance. The number crunching revealed the 66% of mothers with children under 18 years of age, are in the workforce.

What state are best for working moms?

For Illinois working moms, our state didn't make the top 10 in this study, but Illinois did come at #15. Our neighbors to the north, Wisconsin, was #7.

The best state in the country for working moms is...

Massachusetts ranked #1 overall out of the 50 states. Washington D.C. The nation’s capital, ranked #2. Rounding out the top five were Connecticut, Vermont and Minnesota.

At the bottom of the list were Louisiana at #51, following by Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi and South Carolina.

It needs to be mentioned, that while the overall rank is important, some states may have ranked higher in one of the three main categories, child care, professional opportunities or work-life balance. For example, Illinois ranked 15th overall, but 10th in child care, 34th in professional opportunities and 27th in work-life balance.

For a detailed look at Wallet Hubs study, click here.

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