I'm not surprised to see this village on the list. I've lived here for about 2 years and there's so much to love and appreciate.

Wallet Hub just released their survey of best places to raise a family in the state of Illinois. The majority of the best places in the northern part of the state are Chicago suburbs, one village north of Rockford made the list. And placed quite high as well due to their performance in categories like; family life, fun, education, health & safety, affordability and socio-economics.

Roscoe is #23 on the list of Best Places to Raise a Family in Illinois. How did Roscoe do so well? From wallethub.com:

To determine the best places in Illinois for families to put down roots, WalletHub compared more than 222 cities in the state across 21 key indicators of family-friendliness. Our data set ranges from the share of families with young children to median family income to housing affordability.

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