Have you ever heard of a 'Green Circle Certified' Salon? Me either. Until today. 

I start my mornings scrolling through Facebook and blasting music, I assume you do the same thing when you get to work...

When I got to work this morning as I was scrolling I came across this post from Lucette Holistic Salon and Boutique in downtown Rockford.

The post is all about being a 'green circle salon.'

What is that?

According to their post, being green circle means:

...means that 95% of our salon’s beauty waste including hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color and more gets recycled and materials repurposed.


How cool is that?

They also mention they are the only green circle salon in Rockford.

I did a little research and it's actually pretty easy to get all of the info to become a green circle salon.

Not a shocker here, you just have to go to greencirclesalons.com.

Would it make a difference to you to know how 'green' your salon is? It's totally something I never really thought of before, but makes so much sense to be curious about.

Once upon a time I visited the team at Lucette to learn how to make Princess Leia buns for Halloween.

I'm not sure I can repeat that look on myself but maybe someone in your life wants to dress up like Princess Leia this year, it really is a great tutorial!

You have to make sure to send us photos if you try the style.

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