After a massive sinkhole opened up on a soccer field in Alton, Illinois, another one popped up in Machesney Park.  Hitting way too close to home.

Sinkholes are my greatest fear.  It always has been ever since that story came out about that guy in Florida who was sleeping and a sinkhole just swallowed him up while he was sleeping.  Unbelievable.  So terrifying it could really happen to anybody.

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They're not really common in Illinois, but as of lately that hasn't been the case.

If you didn't see the Alton, Illinois story, a sinkhole took a huge chunk out of a soccer field and a light pole completely vanished into the earth.  Luckily, nobody was playing at the time!

Here's that video:

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Now, in Machesney Park, Mitchell Road had to close from Vaughdale Drive to Timbelyne Way because of a sinkhole.

Here's what the construction looked like the day of.

Not much information was released about why a sinkhole opened in the middle of the road, but roads are back open to the public.

I don't know if I could get myself to drive over that area of the street after knowing what happened just days earlier.  Maybe that's just my anxiety and fear of sinkholes, though.  Either way, it's hitting wayyyyy too close to home!

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