Driving is a big responsibility and for some it's one that's taken much too lightly. Illinois takes a top spot on a dangerous driving list.

Most 16 year old are excited to get their driver's license and some of them are a little scared too.

They should be! Driving is a very big deal. Remember when you were first learning? My sister helped me a lot when I was first behind the wheel and I remember being mesmerized by her ability to keep the car going at 45 mph for down the street, like it was magic or something.

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Drivers who understand that it's a big deal and are a bit scared when they start out are not the problem. But drivers that don't see driving as a huge responsibility can be pretty dangerous. Those drivers in Illinois may have helped us get on a dangerous driving list.

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A new study from The Fitch Law Firm took in data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create a list ranking the states based on fatal speeding crashes.

Illinois ranked 8th on the list.

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This data was taken from 2017-2021, involving fatal crashes where speeding was the primary reason for the accident.

The top state in the country on this list is Rhode Island, with 46.01% of fatal crashes that involved speeding. Here are the top ten.

The Top Ten States Who Drive Dangerously

  1. Rhode Island
  2. Hawaii
  3. South Carolina
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Alaska
  7. Missouri
  8. Illinois
  9. Vermont
  10. New Mexico

While we don't have control of everything on the road, a study like this reminds us that we do have control of how fast we're driving. Stay safe!

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Stacker compiled a list of highways with the most fatal crashes in Illinois using the Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

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