There's nothing quite like watching your favorite team play at your favorite stadium. If you're a Chicago Cubs fan, that stadium is more than just a home for the players, it's also one of the most instagrammable ballparks in the country.

Chicago sports fans are willing to watch their team (hopefully win) from anywhere, but the best place to watch the game is at the team's home stadium on a beautiful sunny day.

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Whether we're talking about a Chicago Bears game, a Chicago White Sox game or a Chicago Cubs game, watching the game is most fun in those home seats.

But, which stadium is better than the rest?

If you ask me, Wrigley is the top stadium of all time. But, forget about my opinion. If you ask, Wrigley's up there, at least on their most recent list.

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The Most Instagrammable MLB Stadiums in the United States

BonusFinder recently revealed their list of the most instagrammable MLB stadiums for the year and Wrigley Field took the fourth spot on the list.

You might be surprised to hear who beat Wrigley.

Yankee Stadium stole first place, followed by Dodger Stadium and Oracle Park in San Fransisco.

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I incorrectly assumed that Fenway Park would've been higher than Wrigley, but nope, Fenway actually came in right under Wrigley Field in fifth place.

How did this list get created? It's pretty simple really, they just added up all of the # mentions of the stadium on Instagram. That's it. Wrigley had 557,523 tags.

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I guess this summer, I'll have to make sure to #WrigleyField when I'm at the game.

If you're wondering, Soldier Field does pretty well too, coming in third place of the Most Instagrammable NFL Stadiums.

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