The Land of Lincoln has been on many great lists and some not so great. This is one of those not so great lists. In fact, it's quite disgusting.

When trying to look at this list distinction positively, there's really only one thing:

At least Illinois isn't #1.

According to the Center for Disease Control's data and Roadsnack's study of which states have the highest STD infection rates compared to population. Illinois is one of the Top 10 States Where You're Likely To Catch An STD.

And Illinois is the only Midwestern state too.

Illinois Tops One Of The Dirtiest Lists We've Ever Seen

The CDC data used for this list was based on just 3 of the top STDs; chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. Illinois was ranked #7 overall, 9th for chlamydia, 10th for gonorrhea and 8th for syphilis.

One might want to think about a full-body condom when crossing the state lines of both Mississippi (#2) and Louisiana (#1).

Read the rest of the dirty details here.

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