Nearly everyone has that "bucket list" spot (or, lots of spots) that they want to visit before it's time to go. I've managed to draw a line through some of the places on my bucket list, but there are a few more to go, including this place.

Has the photo given away the location to you? How about this one:

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It's A Lot Better To Visit Now Than When The Event That Made This Place Famous Happened

I'm sure you've figured it out by now. But, in case the photos aren't enough to help you narrow it down, I'll just go ahead and tell you: it's Pompeii. You know, the place where everything was going smoothly until a local volcano got a case of irritable bowel syndrome.


Once a thriving and sophisticated Roman city, Pompeii was buried under meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The preserved site features excavated ruins of streets and houses that visitors can freely explore.

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Of All The Spots In The World, Illinoisans Search Pompeii More Than Any Other

That's according to a piece at called "The World Landmark Everyone in Your State Wants to Visit." The luxury travel company Kuoni put together a graphic of the U.S.'s most-looked-up landmarks after analyzing Google search data for each state. Illinois' choice of Pompeii is the number-two most searched for global landmark, and also the choice of people in 15 other states.

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So what's the number-one most searched for global landmark in the United States? Pat yourself on the back if you picked this one:

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Here's What The Rest Of The Midwest Chose:

  • Wisconsin: The Eiffel Tower
  • Iowa: Pompeii
  • Missouri: The Taj Mahal
  • Indiana: The Eiffel Tower
  • Michigan: Pompeii
  • Kentucky: Mount Fuji
  • Minnesota: Pompeii

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