If it's new it's hilarious, it's it's old, it's actually even funnier.

I've done a lot of eating and drinking in downtown Rockford but most of it is when the sun goes down, so I can't always say I'm paying attention to what's written outside of different businesses, but this weekend I was.

My friend and I went to Magpie for breakfast yesterday (so good by the way) and when we walked past CJ's Public House I looked up and read the awning and asked my friend, wait has that always been there?

She wasn't positive so that's where you come in.

Has the CJ's awning that says, 'drinks, food, real people,' always been there?

I'm asking because I thought 'real people,' was a comical comment on the pandemic where we spent so much time with no people... and now they're touting 'real people.'

Or has that always been there? In which case, now it has a bonus meaning.... because of the pandemic.

Also that is called an awning right?

So many questions for a Monday, but I know you can help!

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