I would like to personally thank the person who came up with the idea of celebrating anyone and anything that's awesome with the International Day of Awesomeness. Not like you need an international holiday to acknowledge the fact that you're already pretty awesome, but just in case you didn't know, you better recognize, because you totally are.

But it's not just awesome people we celebrate, you can recognize awesomeness in things and places like, you guessed it, Rockford.  I asked you to tell me something awesome about Rockford and here's the best replies.

"Beef-A-Roo," Christina Elizabeth on behalf of a friend.

"The local business community. The shops are hip, trendy and cool," Liz Sturm.

"The people," Becky in sales.

"The local sports teams, go IceHogs!" Stephanie O'Neill.

"When all the stop lights are green on Alpine," Sweet Lenny.

"It's a golf mecca. You can golf some of the best courses; at the best prices," Riley.

"The park system," Jan.

"The architecture. I just love the homes; they're so different, unique and historic," Lori.

"The undying, unwavering support from Cheap Trick...and Rick's wife," Jon.

"It's centrally located to great cities like Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison," Rob.

"The small town nostalgia," Dave Alan.

"Maximum Performance and Rockford Roasting Company," Trisha and Patty.

"Me," Scott Wallace.

"The summer music scene and city market," Liz.

"It's a great place to pee on the way to Chicago," Steve Shannon.

"Mandy James in the morning on 97ZOK," Jason Lanegraff.

"The Steve Shannon Show," Angela Bortness.

"Sock Monkeys," Sarah Birkholz

"The amazing people who are committed to making good things happen in the Rockford Region," The Rockford Area Development Council.

What do you think makes Rockford awesome?

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