Planning to adventure in or near the water in Missouri? You might want to be careful if you do as I have video proof that you're often not alone in the water. Can you say alligators?

It doesn't happen super often, but there are confirmed reports of alligators in Missouri. Here's video proof and example number one of these watery predators in the Show Me State. Have you ever been to Lake Wappapello State Park near Williamsville, Missouri? It's described as "an ideal place to vacation" and that's not necessarily inaccurate. However, one visitor was discovered there last summer...a visitor with very large teeth.

KFVS 12 confirmed the gator report and noted that the Missouri Department of Conservation said these creatures are not native to the state so they're not monitored. That's comforting.

That's not the only report of alligators in Missouri. A few years ago a huge gator was found in a Kansas City, Missouri home. It was a man's pet allegedly.

To answer the question you may be asking yourself, yes, World Population Review says you can have a pet alligator in Missouri if you have a permit. Good news for all.

But wait, there's more (gators in Missouri). An alligator was also spotted not that long ago in south St. Louis, Missouri.

The point of all this is that alligators are not native to Missouri, but definitely are seen here. It happens more often than you probably think (and hope). Be careful in the water. You never know what eyes might be watching you.

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