Posting potentially offensive signage in your business is risky because of social media for a number of reasons. Although some will say bad publicity is good publicity, that isn't always the case. The last thing a business should want is to go viral for the wrong reason. This is exactly the scenario for a Rockford, Illinois pub.

Social media has the power to amplify messages and bring them to the attention of a much larger audience than they might otherwise reach. If your signage is offensive, it's likely to spark outrage and condemnation on social media, which can quickly spread and attract the attention of media outlets and other influential figures. This can result in significant damage to your business's reputation and directly affect staff.

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Earlier this week, Mulligan's Pub & Grill posted a photo of one of the owners underneath what many consider a cringe-making sign. The message on the chalkboard sign read,

If you have an O/P against your ex - he's welcome - your not. -HH

The image was originally posted on the establishment's Facebook page, making it even more cringe. The photo was quickly shared and even screenshotted and then shared. Unsurprisingly, the photo was removed from Mulligan's Facebook presence. Shortly after, an apology was posted to Facebook and many felt it did nothing but make the situation even more questionable.

Here's the problem, and it follows along with a golden rule for radio hosts;  never share inside jokes (or whatever) with the masses because a majority of the audience will not understand the intention. Also, regardless of the situation, seemingly mocking an "O/P" (order or protection) sends a bad message - despite whatever the circumstances related to people involved in the above situation. Furthermore, the general public does not care about potential beef between bars.

Nothing Is Ever Removed From The Internet

The internet has a long memory, and once something is posted on social media it can be difficult to remove or erase. Even if you take down the offensive signage and apologize for it, the damage may already be done. Screenshots and other records of the signage may continue to circulate online, leading to ongoing negative attention for your business.

Posting potentially offensive signage in your business is a risky proposition because of the power of social media to amplify messages and bring them to the attention of a much larger audience. This can result in significant damage to your business's reputation and potentially even legal repercussions. It's important to carefully consider the potential consequences before posting any signage that could be seen as offensive.

Could This Affect Staff Inside The Establishment?

There's a chance a situation like this could have a negative effect on the employees of Mulligan's Pub & Grill. It's not likely for there to be a monstrous boycott of the business but it could detour potential new customers after seeing the now-deleted photo.

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